Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This will be my first Thanksgiving ever without my mom. I've had several grief-stricken moments about this. I miss her so much. It doesn't seem possible that it was only last year that she was with me and we were enjoying our meal together at CB. This year, I'm blessed to be invited to join friends for Thanksgiving dinner. That will help me to remember Mom yet not be alone.

I've started to move ahead with life, including sorting through some of Mom's things. I haven't been able to part with her clothes yet, but I'm getting there.

Meanwhile, Alzheimer's claimed the father of my co-worker on Sunday. And two more friends have loved ones who have been diagnosed with this heinous disease.

I've become addicted to Etsy.com. I've purchased a wonderful knitted aviator hat from a woman in Tasmania, an adorable charm necklace from a woman right near me and some stitch markers. I love to browse and see the amazing things that others have made. Check it out sometime.

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