Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here again, seems that the years fly by way too fast. I am thankful for friends and family and the memories of Thanksgivings past. This time of year I really miss my mom and dad; my mom made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. We would always dress in our best and either spend the day at our house with one set of grandparents, or we would travel to Detroit to be with everyone. My aunt would host Thanksgiving in Detroit. Later after I moved out of the house my parents would come to my house and Mom and I would make the meal in my apartment. The last Thanksgiving with my dad was bittersweet because it was the last time that we were all together as a family. And we all knew that it would be the last time that we would all be together. Later we would repeat the scene with my mom. Her last Thanksgiving with family was 3 years ago. I miss her so much. This year I am grateful to be spending Thanksgiving with good friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. I hope that you find yourselves blessed and that you have much to be thankful for.

Nine Years and Counting

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