Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am watching "Apollo 13" and thinking back to the first time I saw it. Back when Mom and Dad had first moved into their new house, before Dad was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer and Mom still was sharp as a pin, we rented the movie. But the only VCR in the house was in their bedroom so we all three piled onto their bed and watched this amazing movie. Dad was not a movie watcher, really. His favorite movie of all time (and probably the last one he ever saw in a movie theatre) was "Patton". Once the VCR was invented he became much more interested in movies and would actually watch a few with us. This was one of those memorable moments. We watched "Pretty Woman" together. He liked Julia Roberts (who doesn't?). Mom loved movies. Watching them was a pleasant pastime that we shared. I miss them both so much. But I have such wonderful memories.


Lily said...

Memories of watching movies with parents - my dad used to take me to all the blockbusters like Ben Hur and the Bond films and we used to go to his works' film club, he was so embarrassed once (I was only a young teenager) when the foreign film showing had a sex scene! I vividly remember seeing the original Diabolique with him there, super scary. Years later I took him to see Cabaret and to both of our surprise he loved it! The first film I ever saw at the cinema was The Wizard of Oz, my mum took me - I was soooooo frightened of the wicked witch! Mum also took me to see Lawrence of Arabia, what a fabulous film.

nancy said...

i have wonderful memories of watching movies too, especially with my mom. thanks for making me remember as well.

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