Thursday, September 16, 2010


This summer it has been such a joy to watch the ruby throated hummingbirds feed at my feeder located just outside my living room window. They are so amazing! They would zip around from my feeder to other feeders in the neighborhood in the evenings as I sat on my patio, and sometimes I would hear their wings beating furiously in my ear as they hovered near me. They are such endearing little birds. As the cooler temperatures settle in, they are stocking up on nectar for energy as they begin their migration south. This tiny little birds fly across the Gulf of Mexico to their winter home in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Islands.


Lily said...

Beautiful! You are so lucky to have such gorgeous little birds visit you.

jutka said...

They're so beautiful, ours here in Oregon are greenish in color.

Steve said...

Always love seeing these beautiful birds. Beautiful friendly, fascinating. Great post.