Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's Thanksgiving again. It seems to come around more often now that I am older. I can't help but think about previous Thanksgivings. The one where my mom dropped the turkey on the floor when she was taking it out of the oven. She always made the best Thanksgiving meals, with homemade gravy (wish I had that recipe, it was delicious), mashed potatoes from scratch, stuffing (the best! no turkey guts) and pie that was to die for. We used to put on our best outfits, use the good china and tablecloth and the crystal stemware. Family would join us from Detroit. Or we would go there. It was good times.

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you surrounded by people you care about.


Cinnamin said...

Ahh Robyn. Where would we be without our memories? Thank you for the reminder to REMEMBER! Sending ((hugs)) and wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Annie said...

Hope you had a good one Robyn!

jutka said...

Just found your posting, Robyn, I don't do blog any more as often as I should.
Oh, yes, these memories will be always with us. Hope you'd a nice Thanksgiving.

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