Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Roars Back

It's snowing again. We are having a storm that promises to dump 12-18 inches of snow on us, making this a record breaking winter for snowfall. Which also means a record breaking spring for flooding.

But I have spring fever. I'm ready to start planting my containers and I'm especially excited to see the tiny pink blooms on my flowering almond bush. That is, if the rabbits that snacked on it all winter long haven't eaten it into oblivion. I'm beginning to think that I am cursed never to see those beautiful blooms; my first flowering almond was weed-whacked, came back to life in time to be sprayed with weed killer. So I bought a new one, a taller one. This one has been munched on all winter. The rabbits also munched on my Double Pink Knockout Rose, but I'm told that they need to be pruned in the spring so I'm hoping it will survive and thrive. I've ordered miniature roses that I plan to place in containers on my patio. And new solar lights for my walkway. I put seed out for the birds yesterday. Thanks to the recent 50 degree temps I was able to finally get out and do so without sinking into snow that was thigh deep.

Even though Mother Nature has other plans, I choose to dream of spring today.

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jutka said...

I was worrying about your upcoming storm, Robyn. Looks like the spring is farther down on the road yet. We're accepting a snow storm also in the next few days, hope the snow will melt by next week, because I'm getting spring fever too. Take good care!
Hugs, Jutka

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