Saturday, March 5, 2011

eBay Addict

I'm addicted to eBay. I know, where have I been. I can't resist bidding on collectibles like Department 56 snow village pieces, Longaberger baskets and Waterford Crystal. The deals on these things are phenomenal. I fell in love with a Waterford crystal pattern called "Ashling" when I was working at a jewelry and gift store during college. I was the weekend gift wrapper so I was able to handle all of the beautiful things like china and crystal. I figure that if I ever were to get married, I would register for the "Ashling" pattern. Well, I've never gotten married so I figured, what the heck, I'm going to get some pieces. I found 3 cordials on eBay and I won them. After that I was off and running. It's the ultimate way to recycle! The first few auctions were so easy and I won them hands down. Then I bid on a basket that I liked. Someone was bidding against me and they seemed to have pretty fast fingers. No sooner would I up my bid then they were putting in a higher bid. I couldn't believe how fast the were able to type. I thought, what the heck? Then I learned about something called AuctionSniper, a website that submits bids automatically for you. Aha! that's how they were beating me. Here is how AuctionSniper works; you connect your eBay account to Sniper. It imports your auctions from eBay and you set your limit. When you are outbid, Sniper submits bids until you either win the auction or the bid is over your limit. Fascinating! You only pay AuctionSniper when you win in a bidding war. And they give you 3 free Snipes.


jutka said...

Wow! That Sniper thing sounds like a winner. I'm not much for eBay anymore, in my age I'm slowly getting rid of things instead of collecting them.
Wish you good luck and have lots of fun with your beautiful findings.

Learn Poker Odds said...

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