Monday, September 26, 2005

Cell Phone Mania

Public cell phone usage is the bane of our society's existence. Everywhere I turn there is some clown who feels that "it is all about me" and therefore they can talk, very loudly I might add, on their cell phone whenever the spirit moves them. I was in the grocery store the other day where some man with his children was talking away on the cell phone (and for once it wasn't to his wife asking what brand of something they need). His children were misbehaving and cranky, even going so far as to tell their father to hang up the cell phone. Obviously they've been subjected to his blatant neglect before and were fed up. Today at a restaurant I witnessed a man reenacting the Verizon commercial "can you hear me now" as he attempted to get a better signal by moving throughout the restaurant while speaking into his cell phone. Daily I am subjected to obnoxious, rude people who insist upon sharing their life's most intimate details with the other passengers on public transportation. The bus company has resorted to posting signs in an effort to bring realization to this idiots that they are sharing public space and should be aware of the comfort and safety of others in said space. Has it helped? Somewhat, though last week I had someone sit next to me in the very front seat of the bus and procede to speak in a rather loud voice to various cohorts for most of the nearly hour ride. It was ironic, she was right below the sign. There is a time and a place for cell phone usage. People need to understand that it is pure rudeness to assume that you can use said phone anywhere and subject others to your conversation. You are not in your living room, you know!

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