Friday, September 8, 2006

Mom is restless a lot of the time. She moves, slowly, between the den and the dining room. Today we took her rings in to be sized down. About 2 years ago she had had them sized up but now they are way too big for her finger. It will take 2 weeks for them to be done at the jewelers. Mom keeps asking when her rings will be done. I have given her Grandma's ring to wear (G gave it to me before she passed away), but Mom will look at it and wonder where her wedding rings are. The jeweler is also going to appraise the rings for us. Sometimes Mom will seem perfectly normal, but then she will say or ask something that shows her confusion or memory loss. It's really, really sad.

Today it is overcast and much cooler than it has been in quite some time. We went to the clinic for Mom's INR (it was too high so we have to go back in a week) and then we filled up with gasoline (the price has dropped nearly 60 cents a gallon!) and dropped the rings off at the jeweler.

Talked to Trog last night. He is doing well but J is nearly incoherent and very agitated. She needs to be hospitalized I think. I feel so sorry for Trog, A and J; they really have not had a normal life since J got really ill. I know that it's impossible to pull yourself up with your bootstraps when you are that ill. I really wish that more could be done for her.

M loves being a freshman at Syracuse. I think he enjoys the freedom and the classes. I hope that he is careful.

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