Sunday, September 24, 2006

The sun is out! YAY! Last night we watched "Match Point". It was good; we both enjoyed it. Will have to rent "Scoop" when it comes out. Netflix is great.

Lunch at Olive Garden today. Soup, salad and breadsticks. Then we drove around and looked at the leaves that are just beginning to change.

Called ME when we got back. She is feeling down again, and anxious. She did not sound good. I hope she can get through this. I try not to think about recurrence of depression or 'poop out' of medication for myself, but it is always a possibility. Even when I take my vitamins and exercise as Tom Cruise has suggested. I have been using my GoLite lightbox and taking my fish oil supplements and so far so good. I really like the GoLite; it doesn't feel as conspicuous as the Sunlight and the blue light somehow seems different, in a good way, to me. We shall see if it continues to do its job this winter. Already my cohorts in the SAD support group are back full force and feeling the effects of the impending winter. I hope that this doesn't foretell a long, cold, snowy winter.

Yesterday we took Stinky to get her claws trimmed. Those claws can get lethal! She has been sleeping on Mom's bed today.

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