Sunday, August 2, 2009

QOTD: "Somebody needs to get up and start talking about unifying this country again."
— Susan Eisenhower, July 24, 2009

Today I saw a hummingbird zoom right up to my window and hover. They are such amazing creatures, I am always fascinated by them.

It has turned slightly humid here today, which feels weird; it's been unseasonably cool here for the past week. But I'm not complaining as long as summer sticks around.

More soundbites from Real Time with Bill Maher

[The Republicans] want to score a political win...But, they have no problem letting 50 million Americans suffer without health insurance. – Anthony Woods

We're going to have to find a solution to healthcare because the boomers are going to be retire soon and are going to create enormous distortions in an already distorted system. – Susan Eisenhower

I would love to have some journalist ask a Republican who talks about socialized medicine: If it's so awful, how come it's what we have for our veterans? – Bill Maher

The Republicans are a sideshow here, compared to the failure of the Democratic Party to get its shit together. – John Heilemann

The Democrats, whenever they're given a chance, controlling all three branches of the government, are tied in knots and can't get anywhere. – John Heilemann

They're not hospitals anymore. They're Jiffy Lube's with bedpans. – Bill Maher

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flintysooner said...

We just had an entire week of rain and cooler temps. Very unusual for us but very much appreciated. I think we are going back to the low 100's though.

I am trying my best to ignore politics. Hard to do though.

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