Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Always on the Edge of Grief

Today I picked up my mail and opened a card from Mom's assisted living facility. They are having a Night of Remembrance later this month. Instantly I burst into fresh tears thinking of Mom. They are remembering former residents who have passed in 2009 by placing a personally engraved tree ornament on their Tree of Remembrance. Grief is strange, the littlest things can cause it to surface in a big way.

On the weather front, we've had our first snowstorm. We've got about 4-5 inches of snow and it is blowing around causing problems with visibility. It is also bitterly cold, 8 degrees with a windchill of -15. Isn't that exciting? The cold air is pouring in from Canada (can't they keep their cold to themselves?). We aren't supposed to see temps in the 30s for several more days. Winter is here with a vengeance. I thought this was an El Nino year?


Cinnamin said...

((hugs)) Robyn.

I am still getting notices from Hospice and they break me down every time. They too held a tree lighting "celebration" for those who had been on Hospice thru their company, and I just cannot attend. I cried enough just reading the card, I would probably cause a flood in the parking lot if I were to attend.

Thank you for posting these feelings and thoughts. As strange as it sounds, it does help to know that someone else is dealing with and making it through the same situation. I just wanted to write in here to let you know that you are NOT alone in this that I DO understand, and I DO care!

J said...

(((Robyn))) and (((Cinnamin))) it's great they honor them but I know it is one of the added pains of the Holidays.
We all got to stick together both the ongoing and the ones dealing with the aftermath of Alzheimer's.
Take care and be safe during this bad weather.

rilera said...

Cinnamin and J, thanks for your posts. Just when I think I'm doing OK, WHAM! something hits me and it starts all over again. I'd like to go to this event, but I'm afraid that like you Cinn, I'll start crying the minute I cross the threshold. Maybe that's good for me to do though. Anyway, I have it on my calendar to attend. We'll see how I feel on that day.

jutka said...

After almost two years I'm still going through violent grief periods.I guess all these tears have to be shed before I will be able to cope with my loss.
Thank you, Robyn, for sharing.

nancy said...

i think that for me, one of the hardest things about this grief is that you never know when it's going to hit you. times when i think things will be tough, i do well, it's those unexpected triggers that get me.

as cinny said, you're not along. (((hugs)))

Joseph Potocny said...

Dear One,
As you know I hold tribute on my blog to all those that have died from this crapy disease. I would be honored if you would send me a picture of your mom, birth year and year of passing, so that I can add it to my blog.

God Bless,

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