Saturday, October 8, 2005


Bullying aka mobbing is an interesting phenomenon occurring in our workplaces. Basically what this entails is managers and or peers ganging up on an employee or group of employee and harassing them psychologically and verbally. The main intent of this behavior is to force the person to quit or leave the job. I have seen this happen at my place of work. It has also happened to me at my last 3 jobs. I outlasted the bullies at the first job; they left and life got oh so much easier. All resources that would allow us to advance in our work have been removed for us. Training is not available, we cannot read books to learn about the subject and even free, outside training is not being allowed. It is unbelievable that such behavior occurs in the workplace! I thought this type of thing was over once you graduated to adulthood, but I guess not. It's time to fight back and make sure that these bullies are stopped.

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