Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cruising for a bruisin'

I can't have a blog about life in Minnesota without mentioning the Minnesota Vikings. I am not surprised by the recent allegations about a cruise involving members of the team and their bad behavior. It seems to me that professional athletes seem to feel that they are entitled to everything. They are paid millions, and basically treated like children (ie taken care of by everyone). Wasn't it only a matter of time before their Sodom and Gomorrah became front page news? Can you say Wilt Chamberlin or Kobe Bryant? The good thing is that this has probably killed a special session of the legislature to decide if taxpayers should help foot the bill for a new "palace" for them to play in. I do not support using public money to finance either their game or their lifestyle. For those of you who do, well, feel free to contribute. I feel that there are much more important issues in this state that deserve the support of the taxpayers.

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