Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today I am achy, but Mom gave me a great shoulder massage and I feel better. We have yet to see the sun and it is getting really old. We need sun!

Talked to the social worker at the senior center and she said that Mom might enjoy coming to the center to exercise and they also have a movie afternoon a few times per week. She is going to send Mom some info on this. Mom has again expressed an interest in participating in some of the activities at the day center that we visited. But when I remind her that we visited she clams up. I'm going to try to set up a time for her to spend a few hours there.

Tonight after Mom hung up the phone, she asked how you knew D. I told her that D is your brother and that A is her daughter. She asked me several more times and I told her, gently, the same thing.

I worry about the Trog. He really has a lot of stress in his life and I know that he keeps alot of it inside which is not good. He and I are in similar predicaments.

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