Sunday, March 29, 2009

I fully intend to maintain a clutter-free environment. I have frequent decluttering sessions only to find within a week's time that the clutter has reappeared, mysteriously. I'm away from home 48 hours a week, yet somehow, I am able to accumulate clutter in the few hours between the time I arrive home from work and the time that I hit the sack. I'm convinced that this stuff reproduces like rabbits, how else can it possibly accumulate? My parents were exact opposites when it came to clutter: Mom was spartan with nary a thing out of place. Dad, on the other hand, was the king of clutter. If he had one of something than you could guarantee that somewhere down the line you would find at least 2 more. Mom was not a collector of things, Dad collected books, tools and electronics. And watches. So you guess I could say I'm like my dad in some ways. I collect shoes. And scrapbook items. And things that are of sentimental value to me. I still haven't opened the boxes which contain Mom's things from CB. I'm not ready for that. It's too soon. I haven't moved into the master bedroom of my house yet, though I've been making strides in that direction. I still think of it as Mom's room. But I'm also ready to move upstairs. That way I'll feel like an adult again. Maybe. Meanwhile, I'm trying to learn how to practice clutter control.

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¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

You will get organized. Give yourself time. I was always organized too until I cleaned out my folks house and ended up with things of theirs. We rent our house and it's not big enough to hold our stuff and their stuff too. Some day I will have a bigger house so I can actually unpack everything and enjoy it.

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