Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday I met with the funeral planner that we used for Mom's memorial service. They gave me a free photograph of Mom with a poem, suitable for framing. While there, I ended up planning for my own demise. That was creepy. I wasn't expecting that. But, like a boy scout, I'm prepared. No money passed between us though.

It's snowing tonight. A cold front is coming through and by morning the temperature is expected to be in the single digits above zero. Ah Minnesota, so exhilarating. You've gotta love it. Unfortunately I am so over winter and ready for spring in a big way.

The story of Verne Gagne continues. I realize that the incident must be investigated because of the involvement of vulnerable adults. But just because he is famous he and his family are being dragged through the media. It's so wrong. I'm heartbroken for all involved, especially the family of Helmut Guttman.


nancy said...

i'm very impressed robyn. planning your own funeral takes so much pressure off of family. i should really take your lead.

it's suppose to get really cold here tonight and windy - 50mph winds. brrr - i too am ready for spring.

Annie said...

The Vern Gagne story makes me sad too. Did you see the story about the car dealership in Bloomington who picked up a woman with AD at her home, took her to the bank for the cashier's check, back to the dealership, and sold her a car, and this is after her daughter had informed them of the AD. That story makes me absolutely livid! The daughter was able to get them to refund the money and take back the car, but it still makes my blood boil.

Come on spring! We should not be seeing sundogs in March!

rilera said...

Hi Annie, No I did not hear about the Bloomington car dealer story. I'm not surprised though, I know of a woman who was preyed upon and gave away tens of thousands of dollars before the bank finally called the family and told them.

jutka said...

I admire you greatly Robyn, it takes some guts to talk about your own funeral.. I know also, that you miss your dear Mom when looking for answers. She'll give them to you in some other ways, just listen for them.

~Betsy said...

Wow - I was proud of myself when I got my will together. You've got me beat! Good job!

Enough with the cold already. It's a good 25 degrees colder here tonight. It's really getting old.

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