Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now that the low riser steps are gone in the garage I'm so afraid that I'm going to forget and go bounding out the door and fall down the steps! You see, there used to be a huge platform right outside the door that was level with the bottom of the door. Now it's a step down right outside the door. I told my neighbors that if they see the door open and the car in the garage, they should check to make sure I'm not lying on the floor unconscious.

I met one of my neighbors at the mailboxes today, one whom I hadn't seen all winter. She asked me how Mom is. I told her the news. Sarah has a four year old whom Mom adored. Mom loved it when kids would come to visit and Katharine was not exception. It was a sad moment for both of us, and suddenly I missed Mom so very much. It was one of the moments that you who've lost loved ones know all too well. I've been trying so hard to remain positive and upbeat and so far I've been pretty successful. But sometimes my grief just washes over me like a tidal wave. My mantra is one day at a time.

I've been keeping myself distracted with my new iPhone. I love it! It's become a little addictive though and I have to stop using it all the time. It is awfully nice to have everything I need in one small device. I can listen to music, make phone calls, play games and keep up with my Facebook friends. I've even installed the free Amazon Kindle software and surprisingly the preview book I downloaded is easy to read. It's one more great feature that I will use extensively. I thought about purchasing a Kindle, even placed the order, but then a friend convinced me to get an iPhone and I'm so glad that I did. I canceled my Kindle order and instead upgraded my cell phone to the iPhone. There are tens of thousands of apps available for free or a nominal fee (usually less than six bucks). Some of the apps I have include a white noise generator (which is great to use at work when I need to concentrate), a sudoku game and an app called Yelp that pinpoints your location and lists restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations or whatever you need that are in your vicinity. There are recommendations from fellow Yelp users too. It makes me want to download the developer's toolkit and come up with an idea for a new app!


flintysooner said...

iPhone 3 that will be out soon has a bunch of good stuff including peer-to-peer and copy-paste and a bunch more. I thought seriously about getting the dev kit myself but so far resisted.

I attended a virtual seminar today on Twitter and Facebook.

jutka said...

I know exactly just how you felt when the neighbor has asked about your Mom, Robyn. Same thing happened to me only yesterday; and my dear husband has gone over a year ago in February. But the hurt is just as fresh, and the longing....
Glad you're having fun with your iPhone, I'm thinking about getting one too.

rilera said...

Jutka, you will love the iPhone!

Flinty, I haven't tried Twitter yet. Do you like it?

Lily said...

The iPhone sounds great but knowing me, I'd get addicted in no time, better stick with my steam-powered mobile!

flintysooner said...


I just joined Twitter a few weeks ago. It was used rather successfully by people here when we had the recent bad weather outbreak. I was impressed at that.

I hooked my Twitter status to Facebook.

Honestly I am not very good at keeping things updated though even with Twitter.