Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Alzheimer's Project

In May HBO will broadcast a documentary in four parts called The Alzheimer's Project. The producers had contacted me last August during the time we were preparing to place Mom. They wanted to know if we would allow them to film us during that time. After giving it careful thought we decided not to participate; it would be too painful. As it turns out, we would have shown that the best laid plans often go wrong. The program will air May 10th at 9pm. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the Alzheimer's Project link below. I've watched it and it brought tears to my eyes especially when they showed a woman's progression based on how her looks and demeanor changed. It reminded me of Mom in her last few months. Had we participated it would be so painful to watch. It will be painful to watch anyway. I also found that you can pre-order the DVD on Amazon. I miss my mom.

My sister told me something that Mom said one of the last times they were together. She thought I would be offended so she had never told me about it. Mom, in one of her lucid moments, told my sister that she didn't understand why I couldn't keep the clutter under control in our house. This is classic Mom for me and rather than being offended I was thrilled that my Mom was still in there. My sister said she felt the same way, thinking 'my mom is still in there after all'. Love you Mom :)

Alzheimer's project


cornbread hell said...

i love the story about your mom being "still in there after all."

have you ever read a book called "still alice"?
it's not so much about our moms, but it's a remarkably poignant book about alz. (don't read it unless you want to cry a lot.)

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I so understand about Mom being in there somewhere. There were little things my mom said that made me feel like she wasn't totally lost to me yet. It gave me comfort.


nancy said...

funny, i just heard about the series today and then i read your post. it was hard to see the woman changing in the trailer, so, so familiar, so, so sad.

i miss my parents too!

ps, i've heard wonderful reviews on the book "still alice" but haven't read it yet.

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