Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've added a ribbon from caring.com to my blog. Click on the ribbon and you can add it to your blog too. Caring.com will donate money to the Alzheimer's Association, $10 I think, for every blog that displays the ribbon. You can personalize the ribbon with the name of your loved one either to honor or memorialize them.

Our string of beautiful weather continues. It could not be better; 70s and sunny with a lovely cool breeze. I always get sad this time of year as we approach the summer solstice. I love summer and the long days. But the solstice reminds me that the days, which have been steadily getting longer, will now start to shorten. Pooh. I know, winter is still a long way off.

Tonight we had pulled pork which my neighbor made. It was sooooo good. I have to get the recipe. She is an amazing cook and baker.

Mom had a good day today. She and Terri made ginger cookies. Terri said Mom mixed the ingredients and helped her roll the dough into balls. These are things that Mom likes to do and I'm glad that Terri did this with her. She has been sundowning lately. I've found that keeping her occupied either by playing a game with her or listening to music helps. We still can't get her to leave the house. She seems to want to stay where it is safe. I'd like to get her out for a walk.

Me? I'm doing OK. A little tired because Mom hasn't been sleeping through the night, but OK.


Annie said...

We have to enjoy the light while we have it!

Enjoy those ginger cookies. They sound delicious! I'm a sucker for anything ginger though.

I hope you can get some sleep.

Cinnamin said...

Me too, me too! I love ginger cookies (and they were my Mom's favorite as well)!

Ohhh, what I would give for a nice day in the 70's! We've had 100+ now for a week and it looks like it will be with us, as usual, through August! Whew! Hello air conditioner, loving my a/c right now!

Is your Mom on any type of sleep meds? Is this something that you could speak to her Dr about so that YOU can sleep through the night? How well I recall those "on alert" nights.

Sending hugs (to you both) Robyn.

P.S. How did you get blogger to put "samples" on your blog?? I'd like that as well, very cool feature!

Cinnamin said...

How are you doing Robyn?

Thanks for the blogging info - I tried, it worked and I have you to thank!

Happy weekend!

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