Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yesterday I received a bouquet of flowers from Mom for my birthday and I couldn't figure out how she ordered them. When they arrived she had this big Cheshire cat grin on her face. I opened the card and it said "Happy Birthday Love Mom". How did she do that? Well it turns out that my wonderful sister ordered them and put Mom's name on them. She called Mom to let her know that she had done this and Mom remembered. This disease never ceases to amaze me. My sister didn't want my mom to feel like she had forgotten my birthday. Isn't that sweet?

I bought a lift chair for Mom today. Finally. She's needed one for awhile. This is a petite chair so it should be perfect for our petite Mom. It is to be delivered on Thursday. I had to choose an alternate color, called celery, because the blue one was out of stock. The celery should be fine though. I hope that it helps Mom and improves her ability to get in and out of her chair.

I had to buy another new tire for the car. There was a piece of metal lodged in the tread and according to the guy at the tire store, the tire couldn't be repaired. I've never had a flat tire in my life and now suddenly I've had two. Talk about bad luck.

Mom has been napping a lot. I think she's bored.


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! Your sister sounds like a lovely woman. Hope your day was grand!

Cinnamin said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!! That was so sweet of your sister - AND I'm smiling to think of your Mom's smile when you received your flowers!

nancy said...

happy birthday robyn. i think of you often even though i don't post as much.

Care Buzz said...

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~Betsy said...

Hey! Happy Birthday, Robyn! How sweet of your sister to help your mom and how awesome your mom remembered their surprise. I agree - this disease is an unpredictable one for sure.

I hope your mom likes her chair. My mom loved hers.

Esther Altshul Helfgott said...

Happy B'day!

You're amazing too!


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