Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pet Humor

My cats would never put up with this. I found these pictures on a knitting blog and I find them so humorous. I love the picture of the cat in the beret. Annie, do you think you could branch out into pet berets and fezes?

Mom's new chair arrived today and she seems to like it very much. So far she has no problem working it. And it allows her to put her feet up which is good. All in all, I'm glad I finally made this purchase. I think I'll use Mom's stimulus check to pay for it.

At the same time the chair arrived, the guy came to fix the washer. It was leaking water. I didn't notice but our guardian angel Terri did. She is a godsend.

Saturday is the caregiver support group for the study that I am participating in. I'm planning to attend. I hope Mom can stay alone for that time.

My sister told me about this story on NPR about Alzheimer's patients volunteering at a school. This is fascinating to me. I like how it makes them feel like they have a purpose and I wonder if Mom would like to do something like this.


~Betsy said...

Of all my cats, I only have one who might tolerate a hat - maybe. LOL

rilera said...

My sister put reindeer antlers on one of her cats and we photographed him. You can tell by the 'I'm going to bite you expression' just how much he disliked it. LOL

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