Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cool Change

We were invited to our neighbor's for coffee this morning. I put Mom in her wheelchair and wheeled her down there (they live 2 houses away). We got her wheelchair up the stairs and into the house. We were there for about an hour and a half and Mom seemed to really enjoy herself. Afterward she said that she felt 'stupid' because she couldn't participate in the conversation. I told her that she shouldn't worry because everyone there is wonderful, and in reality, Mom did really well! It was fun. She always does well around others, but I think she avoids people because she feels 'stupid'. I wish I could do more to convince her that this is just not true. She needs the social interaction, in fact she seems to thrive when around others.

Our weather has turned cooler today. It's in the upper 60s today; it's a nice change.


Annie said...

I'm glad your Mom enjoyed herself on your outing!

~Betsy said...

How nice your mom went for coffee! I'm sure she enjoyed it and it's good for you, too. Hope all is well, Robyn!

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