Monday, September 8, 2008

A Huge Bump in the Road...The Cheese Stands Alone

The assessment did not go well today so rather than moving to ALF Mom is going to a geriatric psych ward for evaluation. The ALF evaluators were concerned about Mom's behaviors including refusing toileting, inability to transfer easily from chair to wheelchair, and today, while her caregiver was freshening her up she tried to bite her (this is a first). The ALF will not accept her until she has been evaluated and some of these behaviors have been addressed. So tomorrow I will be riding with Mom to the psych ward. This has been very traumatic for me to say the least. However, everyone assures me that this is for the best for both Mom and me. They will do all sorts of tests to try to find out why Mom is behaving in this manner. Please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts.

Last night Mom woke up at 10:30 PM and was up for the rest of the night. I am exhausted.


Lori1955 said...

Prayers being said. I know this must be heartbreaking for you but you are doing the best thing for her. Hopefully they can adjust her meds to make life a bit better for her.

Annie said...

Hugs and thoughts headed your way. I hope you can get some sleep tonight!

cornbread hell said...

"The ALF will not accept her until she has been evaluated and some of these behaviors have been addressed."

will they accept her after the evaluation? have they offered you support in the interim? the evaluation sounds like a good idea.

~Betsy said...

Could be the dreaded UTI again. Hang in there.

J said...

my mom gets very agressive when she gets UTI. mom doesn't cuss or swear but when she has a UTI she cuts loose cussing and she also will hit out at people.
hope you were able to get some rest. i understand what you are going thru.

rilera said...

Thanks Annie, Rick, Betsy, Lori and J. No, the memory care facility has not provided any support yet in the interim. They did a poor job in my opinion, during the assessment. They asked Mom some questions and when she couldn't answer them they got up and left the room leaving Mom puzzled and convinced she had done something wrong. No one treats my Mom that way without answering to me or my sister the pit bull. They said if we can get some of her behaviors straightened out then they would take her. I'm touring a different facility today just in case. Thanks you guys for your support and prayers. You are all incredible.