Friday, September 19, 2008

A Place for Mom. Finally.

Today we signed the paperwork for a new place for Mom. She will be moving to a lovely facility, close to home, that specializes in memory care. In fact, that's the only thing they do. We have sticker shock after they figured out how much it will cost to care for Mom.

We finally were able to talk to the doctor at the geriatric psych ward. He said Mom definitely has vascular dementia and there is evidence of ischemic events. This was the same doctor that broke the news to me that Mom has dementia (no kidding). Mom was doing much better yesterday when we visited. In fact she was getting sassy. But in a good way though.

We are exhausted after this. It has been a difficult week for all of us, including Mom. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.


cornbread hell said...

i'm so glad to hear that phase is over. now get some rest.


nancy said...

i am glad that this phase is finally resolved. you sound happy and at peace. i am glad. i agree with rick, get some rest!!!

Lily said...

I was going to say the very same thing! You deserve some pampering after such an uphill slog x

Annie said...

Yep, book yourself a massage! I'm tickled to hear that she is being sassy.

~Betsy said...

This is great news! Hang in there.

J said...

; ) Sassy is good! I'm sure it perks you up to see her sassy and to have a good place for her. AND close to home. That will help you soooo much.