Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 is winding down and we are still without snow. It feels weird but it's nice not to have to worry about how long the commute to or from work will be.

Mom has been in a good mood this week. It's nice. She is looking forward to me having time off this weekend. So am I. Even though I did accomplish a lot at work this past week. Tomorrow I meet with the head of the study I am participating in for adult children who are caregivers for a parent with memory loss. I still have trouble saying the "A" word, even though I spied it on Mom's electronic health chart last week at the doctor's.

Sad to hear about the passing of President Ford. I read about him on Wikipedia, there was lots that I didn't know about him. He really did have an interesting life. Farewell to a fellow Michigander.

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