Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today we watched the memorial service for President Gerald R. Ford on cnn. Mom seemed to be especially interested in this event. It was solemn and reverent. Mrs. Ford looked especially tired and frail.

We went to the library to see if they had the book Wicked about the wicked witch of the west. They did not and there were 73 people on the list who had requested it. So I went to B&N and bought it. Started to read it this afternoon. But I never really get much of a chance to read with Mom. She wants me with her.

Lily and Stinky were both on my bed earlier tonight and a fight did not break out. That's progress. Bought Soft Claws to put on Stinky. Will need to have the assistance of a Vet Tech from the clinic I think. There's no way I'm going to try to put those things on myself. Stinky is way too rambunctious. And she bites. Speaking of Stinky, while we were watching the memorial service today, Mom was crying and the Stink jumped up on her lap and laid down, put her paw against Mom's face and tried to comfort her. It was too weird. Mom ended up stroking her for a while and Stinky purred. It was very moving.

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