Saturday, July 5, 2008

On Wednesday Mom's caregiver had to leave abruptly due to a family emergency in the afternoon. Mom did fine for the few hours by herself, thank God. We had a substitute caregiver on Thursday. I gave Mom her pills before I left for work that morning. The sub gave Mom her Friday AM pills again. I should have left a note for the caregiver but she also should have checked with me before giving pills for a different day. Mom has had several bouts of incontinence since then and I don't know if the two situations are connected. I've emailed the care manager about this pill mix up. Mom gets really frustrated by these episodes of incontinence. I feel so bad for her. I just keep hugging her and telling her I love her. Luckily these episodes don't last long and haven't occurred very often.

On July 18th the nurse from one of the ALFs we are on the list for is going to come out and do an evaluation of Mom.

It was a quiet July 4th for us. We stayed home and barbecued. I made a potato salad that turned out to be pretty good. Later that night we watched Pop Goes the 4th. We could hear fireworks in the distance but we didn't venture out to see them.

I ate my first strawberry today from our Topsy Turvy planters. It was good!


Annie said...

Yay, strawberries!

Hope the mix up with the pills doesn't have any long lasting effects!

flintysooner said...

Hang in there - you're handling everything really well. Eating strawberries is always a good thing.

~Betsy said...

Do you have a daily pill sorter for your mom's meds? I would have been so mixed up without one for my mom. I hope she is doing OK.

We had a quiet 4th, too. Although there were a ton of fireworks going off all around us, but the trees have grown tall and we couldn't see any of them.

Yay for strawberries!

rilera said...

I have a daily pill sorter. I couldn't keep up without one. I usually put the morning pills near her care plan and they hand the pill to Mom.

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