Monday, December 15, 2008

Alzheimer's Wailing

About six weeks ago Mom started this new thing: she will wail pitifully. Tonight at CB's Christmas party she started her wailing about halfway through the program. I'm not quite sure what it means, so I googled it and found some interesting articles including this. I think tonight she may have been trying to tell us she was ready for bed and not really in the mood for a Christmas party with music. She was awake when I arrived at dinner time but quickly fell to sleep. Luckily she had eaten most of her meal and drank most of her juice. I feel very low about this. I was sort of looking forward to spending some time with her, but I have to remember, this isn't about me, and she can't help it. It would break her heart to know that I was sad. So I'll try to be happy, because that is what she would want for me.

It's bitterly cold here; minus 10 was what the temperature said on my car tonight as I drove home from CB. This morning I could tell it was cold before I even got out of bed. Both cats were sleeping right against me and I couldn't even move!


Lily said...

Do the staff have any strategies to deal with Alzheimer's wailing, the linked article mentions quite a few that might work. Would you be able to take your mum's favourite cat into the home, or perhaps some large photos of her?

jutka said...

I know how hard is this on both of you from my experience with my husband. He was just like a child, who couldn't express himself properly anymore. Distructing him, or changing his position has helped a lot.
I think Lily got good ideas.

~Betsy said...

I love the idea of photos of the kitties! Maybe this would be comforting. You might even search for a stuffed cat that Mom could cuddle when she's feeling the need. As a major cat person, I couldn't imagine my world without them.

Esther Helfgott said...

I went to the xmas party at Abe's nursing home last week. It was absolutely too much for him, too much overstimulation and too many people. It was too much for me too. I took him back to his room and he felt much better. So did I.

These parties seem to be more for staff and entertaining families than they are for patients.

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