Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Mom and I had a wonderful time together today. Our housekeeper stopped by yesterday and left a lovely porcelain doll for Mom. Mom loves it. She also received a lovely fleece jacket from my sister, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my brother and a fleece shirt and slipper socks from me. She ate all of her lunch including her ice cream today.

Yesterday when I visited she was sound asleep and the kitty who lives there was pushing on her door trying to get in her room. Once in there she was meowing and brushing against everything. It was quite charming to see.

I've been following one of our family traditions; watching The Christmas Story on TV. I have taken tomorrow as a vacation day and hope to spend time with Mom and maybe do a little shopping. We'll see.


nancy said...

i'm glad you had a nice Christmas with your mom. sounds like she had a very good day as well. life's small joys are wonderful!

rilera said...

Thanks Nancy! I hope that your Christmas was wonderful with your family and friends.

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