Sunday, January 25, 2009

Never Give Up Hope

Doris is a miracle at CB. She was on hospice for years and was even close to the end of her life. Or so they thought. The last time I was at CB Doris was feeding herself and propelling herself all over the place in her wheelchair. The carers kept reminding me of this whenever I would tear up about Mom. I think that Mom hung on as long as she could. And she was especially tenacious during the holidays, much like Cinnamin's mom refused to give up a year ago. I think our loved ones are more aware of their surroundings and events then we think.

During our vigil, I put Mom's iPod on continuous play. I set it up to play music with sounds of the ocean and nature in the background. Several of the songs that played were ones that Mom particularly liked or ones that she played on the piano. I hope that this helped her somehow. Hospice kept telling us that one of the last senses that a person is left with is hearing. We tried very hard to make the sounds around Mom peaceful, yet familiar. I called all of Mom's loved ones and let them tell her they loved her on my cell phone's speakerphone. Her eyes flickered open for both my nephew and my brother at those times. And we would talk to her often. She knew we were there with her and that we love her forever.


cornbread hell said...

you done good, rilera. real good.

~Betsy said...

I think the music and sounds of the ocean would have brought great comfort. And all the phone calls, too.

I'll keep Doris in my prayers.

Hang in there.

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