Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks for all the notes of concern. I am doing amazingly well. In fact, I'm doing so well that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop because I can't believe that I'm doing so well. I feel calm and at peace. Is this normal? I think everyone, including myself, thought I would be much more of a mess. I feel Mom all around me and for now that is very comforting.

Before Mom passed away, so many people told me that they wished they still had a part of their loved one. Well, that sank in with me, and I kept a lock of Mom's hair. I'll have this piece of my Mom forever. I think my sister thought it was weird. But I don't care. It comforts me.

We are back in the deep freeze here in Minnesota. It's very cold but very sunny. My sister is convinced that Minnesota has a dry cold.

I've included a photo of the memory board that my sister and I made for Mom's memorial service. She was such a gorgeous lady. Miss you Mom.


Esther said...

We keep locks of our children's hair.

Cinnamin said...

I don't think it is weird at all, Robyn. You do what you need to do to survive and if this helps you feel that your mom is with you, at least a real part of her, then I say "good for you"!

I'm SO glad that you are doing well and feeling calm.

Thinking of you and happy to see this post from you!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Oh I wish I had snipped a lock of my mothers and father's hair. I wanted to but I had family around me who wouldn't think it was a good idea. I have always regretted it. I'm so glad you just did what you felt you needed to do and kept a lock of your dear mother's hair.

You will have the good days and the bad ones. Take each day as it comes and know you are being thought of by so many people.

Take care...I am thinking of you.

nancy said...

glad to hear you are doing well. i'm not totally surprised. as much as you miss them, you also feel the relief that they are freed from this disease and no longer suffering.

thanks for the update. you have been in my thoughts. (((hugs)))

~Betsy said...

Just letting you know I am thinking of you. I know this is a strange time. Take it one day at a time - heck, even one moment at a time.


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