Thursday, April 27, 2006


As my mom's dementia progresses, she becomes more child-like. Today I took her to get her hair permed and cut. She wanted to take her shoes off when we got to the salon.

I struggle with her as far as hygiene is concerned. She doesn't want to bathe so, as you can imagine, she sometimes gets a little ripe. How does a daughter tell a parent, gently, tactfully, to bathe? Advice from others includes to make it fun, like a day of beauty. I never thought I'd be caring for my mom like this. It's so hard to go through this with a parent.

So far we have had a string of good days. Mom hasn't been too emotional. She gets upset at the drop of a hat. But then who wouldn't if they knew there was something up with their mind? She is still with-it enough to know that things are not right with her memory.

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