Sunday, April 30, 2006

Immigration Redux

I want to make this perfectly clear: I am not against immigration. Immigrants have been and will continue to be essential to this country's growth. I am against illegal immigration. There are thousands of people trying to emigrate to this country legally. If Congress grants amnesty to the illegals who are in this country, what does that say to the thousand who are waiting to come here legally? I am against granting amnesty to illegals. I do not condone what they have done to get here. I do not like the fact that they are making little or no effort to assimilate into the American culture; they are trying to force us to make everything bilingual. English is the language of this country.

I had a friend who tried to buy chorizo in a latin market in small town Minnesota. They refused to sell to her (and they didn't speak English). How can it be that an American can be discriminated against in her own country? This is wrong and this is the kind of thing that only inflames people against immigrants.

Trying to interupt our economy is another thing that I disagree with. That is biting the hand that feeds them. Let them go home and try these kinds of tactics. Speaking of 'home', why isn't the Mexican government doing more to increase the standard of living in their own country? Now I am reading that Mexican is becoming like Colombia when it comes to illegal drugs. We need to control our borders better against these types of threats.

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