Saturday, July 15, 2006

Everyone is out of town this weekend. A and J are in Atlanta, Aunt ME and Uncle N are in Au Gres and Trog is in St. Louis (though soon that will be his home). We are sweltering near 100 degrees this weekend so we are laying low in the house where it is cool and comfortable. We may go to the mall in the afternoon either today or tomorrow just for a change of scenery.

Heard from our friends in Duluth. They too are sweltering in the 90s. For Duluth that is virtually unheard of. I remember when I lived there I'd have given anything for a few warm days. In fact, my parents never had to have AC there, but they put it in in the latter years of living there for the one or two hot days they would have in the summer. And of course Mom was having hot flashes then so she needed it for comfort. And there is always Lake Superior to go swimming in. That would cool you off in seconds if you could even stand to put your foot in it. I miss Lake Superior.

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