Saturday, July 8, 2006

We enjoyed seeing our friends the Fleischmanns yesterday. They look great. They brought pictures of their villa in Green Valley. It looks really nice. I didn't realize Green Valley is so close to the border with Mexico, I thought it was further north in AZ. The drive to Hinckley was nice and went pretty fast. I dislike driving through the city though; all those curves and speed changes. Luckily it was an early rush hour so traffic was slowed down quite a bit.

Today the sky is overcast and we are supposed to get rain. That is fine because we need it. It has cooled off and we have the windows open which, of course, feels really good.

Mom is in a teary mood today. She found one of her bracelets and is wearing it because it was her mom's (actually it was a Christmas present from Dad). She pretty much thinks that everything is either my Dad's or her Dad's. She took a shower this AM on her own!

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