Monday, May 5, 2008

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Another night of restful sleep! For both of us. And a beautiful, sunny warm day. Who could ask for anything more? Mom did her exercises today and is in good spirits tonight, in fact she was all day. I too am on the mend. My throat feels nearly normal. Everything is blooming or about to bloom around her. We may get some rain overnight tonight.

This is a shot from a bridge web cam. They say that the construction is ahead of schedule and they expect the bridge to be finished by September. Amazing.

We should receive our strawberry plants soon. I put the pole together yesterday which we will use to hang them.

1 comment:

~Betsy said...

This collapse still boggles my mind. I'm so glad to see the work is ahead of schedule. I'm also glad to see you and your mom are feeling better. I can hear the relief in your post!

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