Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Embrace the Suck

My Bush-bate was deposited into my bank account today! Woo hoo! Now I'm headed out to stimulate the economy. What should I buy? Gas? Groceries? Electronics?

Mom had a good day, though Nicole said she got a little bit testy in the afternoon. That's what happens with this disease. She woke up at 1:30 AM and wanted to get up and dressed. She slept the rest of the night in her chair in the den. Sometimes she's just more comfortable there. My dad slept most nights in his chair (the same one that Mom sleeps in) because he was afraid to go to bed. Towards the end he finally started sleeping in the bed. But he would fall out. One night he fell out and neither he nor Mom could get him back into bed. He was just too weak. He was down to skin and bones by then. That was the beginning of the end and he was gone two nights later. I miss him.


Annie said...

So, what did you decide on to to stimulate the economy?

Cinnamin said...

Hi Robyn! Just stopped by to check in with you. I was notified of my deposited "Bush Buck" too. So many people are saying that they are SAVING their check, I'm glad to hear that you plan to spend! I'm spending mine too - Still deciding if it will go back into the house or if it is BONUS money and I can play with it! ;)

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hang on to the GOOD memories, they are what gets you through.


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