Monday, May 26, 2008

Last night Mom and I were treated to a concert from our neighbor. He plays guitar and when he saw us out trying to cool off (it was 85 yesterday here) he brought his guitar out and played. He's really good and Mom really enjoyed it. She loves music. We are so lucky to have such good neighbors here.

My allergies and asthma kicked in big time yesterday. I haven't been able to breathe and have been coughing nonstop. Today I went and purchased some allergy meds finally. Mom seems to be OK with the exception of her usual ALZ mood swings. She slept in her bed most of the night last night. Lately she usually wants to sleep in her chair. I'm glad she slept in her bed though because she needs to keep her feet up. She's up with the sun however at 5:30 AM.

Today it was cool and overcast which was OK with me. I'm not thrilled with hot humid weather.


nancy said...

here's hoping for bright sunny days for you and your mom.

~Betsy said...

An impromptu concert sounds awesome! I'm so glad you have such good neighbors around!

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