Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The days are getting shorter; I notice a difference in the daylight and the angle of the sun in the morning and the evening. In less than a month I will start using my lightbox each morning to help stave off SAD. This summer has flown by way too quickly. I need it to last longer.

Mom went to bed at 8:00 pm tonight. She said she could barely keep her eyes open. She is having trouble walking so I have made an appointment for next Friday with her doctor so that she can observe her gait and try to determine if there is something treatable or if it's the progression of the dementia. She seems beaten down and defeated sometimes. And she is lonely all day when I am at work but she refuses to have anyone come in or to go somewhere. So I just let her be and try to make her happy. I feel so badly for her because she realizes that she's not herself. I try to be reassuring and comforting. She does seem to perk up when I am home. And we do get out a lot so that she isn't so isolated. This is a difficult period according to many I have talked to who have experienced this miserable disease. I hate it.

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