Sunday, August 6, 2006

Five meerkats were put down and tested for rabies last week at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. The exhibit allowed children to climb up on rocks so that they could get a closer look at the meerkats. Unfortunately, one little girl decided to go further and wedge her hand into the exhibit giving the animals a clear shot at biting her. Her family refused to have her get shots for rabies so, stupidly, the animals were destroyed so that they could be tested. I am infuriated by this and believe that the child should have been forced to have the shots. It's not a decision that parents should be allowed to make when 1. they are not watching their child closely enough and 2. animal life is at stake. Shame on this family! And for the most part, most Minnesotans appear to agree with me. As you can imagine, the family is reluctant to identify themselves.

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