Monday, February 19, 2007

My taxes are done and filed. Mom's are ready to be mailed to her CPA. I made eye of round steak for dinner tonight on the Forman grill, and the temperature outside almost hit 50! The forecast for this weekend is snow, of course because it's state tournament time (it's tradition in Minnesota for us to have at least one snowstorm during the various high school state tournaments and this weekend is girls hockey).

The niece is back from OH where she spent the weekend with her boyfriend. It dawned on her upon her return that her house and everything in it smells like smoke. I've been trying to convince her dad to convince her mom to stop smoking in the house but to no avail. I worry about the second hand smoke thing. Besides, our dad died from lung cancer (granted he hadn't smoked in nearly 30 years but still).

Back to work tomorrow. Mom will be upset as usual. Or maybe not. I hope for not.

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