Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tonight when I got home from work Mom was convinced that A was visiting. I told her that A had visited a few months ago, but she was not here now. Then during dinner Mom asked me what was wrong with her, why couldn't she remember things? I told her that her memory was failing and that we should probably have a medical evaluation. She was not happy about that, but then who would be? It must be so distressing for her to feel like she is losing her mind. It hurts me to see her go through this. Tonight when I was helping her get ready for bed I told her good night and that I love her. She asked about her other kids and I said that they love her too.

We are due for more snow, up to a foot by Friday if the weather report pans out. I like snow, just not all at once. But if we get it now at least it won't last for months.

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