Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I should be looking for work closer to home considering the situation with Mom. I see jobs that I could apply for, but then I have my doubts and I think about the 'tests' that many employers are giving IT job candidates and I decide to forgo the application process. I just don't have a lot of confidence in myself.

Poor mom is going crazy with boredom. I wish everyday for some guidance so that I can figure out something to make her life more fulfilling.

We have new neighbors. Someone bought one of the model homes and they moved in during the snowstorm last weekend. They appear to be retirees. That's what is cool about this neighborhood; the mixture of residents.

My cold is getting better everyday, but I am still having coughing fits. Last night I didn't get very much sleep because of the coughing.

Tomorrow I am driving the vanpool. And then it will be Friday. We are meeting the counselor in the study in which I am participating, Mom is getting her B12 shot and her INR, and then I am meeting with the woman at the senior center for caregiving coaching. This woman has met Mom so she will have good insight I hope into ways to take care of mom and help her deal with her memory loss.

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