Friday, March 9, 2007

It was a busy Friday for us. This morning Mom and I met with the counselor from the U of MN study. It was very apparent to me just how much Mom repeats herself. On the way out she had an accident and we had to go home to change. We were supposed to go to get her INR and B12 shot, but I just rescheduled the appointments for later. Then later this afternoon I met with the social worker at Senior Community Services for some caregiver coaching. Everyone I meet with asks if I have siblings and how involved they are with Mom's care. When I mention that they live out of state the counselors always say, that doesn't matter, they can still give emotional support and other types of support. I guess that's true. This woman has met Mom twice so she had some good insight into Mom and she really thinks that we need to convince Mom to try the Adult Day Care. She also thinks Mom needs to be on antidepressants, preferably the ones that address anxiety as well. Mom has been really teary today and very upset about her accidents. I feel so bad for her. She is crying herself to sleep tonight, she hasn't done that for awhile.

It was close to 50 degrees today!! Snowmelt is happening everywhere.

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