Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Photos

This is a photo of my paternal grandmother's family. She is the young girl in the photo. This was taken probably around 1905. I love this picture. Below is a picture of my grandmother as a young woman. On my mom's side of the family we have two family portraits. I love to look at them and see my grandmother as a young girl. I am fascinated by turn of the century photos. Back when my grandparents where children most people traveled by horse and wagon. In their lifetime though they saw a man walk on the moon, the invention of the computer so many other things. It must have been hard to reconcile one's self with all of that progress in the space of a century. It boggles my mind. More progress was made in the 20th century than in any other time in history. And it's still happening. In the information age we are being bombarded by so much that a normal human mind cannot process all of it.

Mom had a good day today. She had her hair shampood. I on the other hand am tired of politics at work. I need to become more teflon-like and just let this crap roll off my back. It's just work, as my project manager says.

There's a snowstorm on the way. ICK.


~Betsy said...

Wow, these are great pictures! I love old photos!

We are supposed to get some of that crummy snowstorm, too. Did I hear it's spring? Apparently Pittsburgh and Minneapolis hasn't gotten the memo! Grrr.

nancy said...

i hoping we don't get the 8-12" of snow they're predicting. i'll say a prayer for you as well.

great pics!!!

cornbread hell said...

i responded to your comment on my blog before i read here about your pending weather. doh!

keep those photos comin'. i love them.

Annie said...

Office politics are the worst. Hope it works out for you soon.

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