Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I think Mom's finally comfortable with her caregivers. Today I left for work later than usual because I had a doctor's appointment. Mom told me I could leave, she had her friend with her. Actually, she said it rather snidely, because as she said, I'm never around anyway. OK then. It's good thing. Meanwhile I took the bus to downtown Minneapolis and then transferred to a St. Paul bus. Amazingly it only took an hour to commute.

The kitties have been hanging out together much more lately. Yesterday when I called home Terri told me that they were both in Mom's room; one was on the bed and one was by the window. This is amazing considering that Lily spent the first 18 months after we adopted Olivia in my bedroom. Olivia is trying to be a friend but Lily is still a little hesitant. They play together though. The other day I saw Lily chasing Olivia across the house at a playful gallop.


~Betsy said...

I'm so glad your mom is enjoying her friends! What a relief for you!

nancy said...

it does take a long time to adjust but i'm glad your mom is enjoying "her friends." here's hoping it lasts!

rilera said...

Mom's not so comfortable with letting them take her to the bathroom though. Got a call today about that. EWW.