Sunday, March 16, 2008


My neighbor grew strawberries on her patio last summer. It looked like a fabulous idea so I am going to try it this summer. I ordered these. I hope it goes well. She also grew tomatoes in this same fashion and they also did well. I might try tomatoes too. And we always have lots of flowering containers around. Mom loved to garden and she loves plants and flowers. I enjoy planting them with her every year.

The sun is shining today and it's beautiful out. I am definitely ready for spring. I think that Mom is too. She needs a haircut so I'm going to make an appointment at the salon for her. It's hard for her to get there but we will give it a try. That's one thing about an ALF, they have all that stuff right on site. But then I don't want her to be trapped in the ALF for months either.


~Betsy said...

My inlaws grew their tomatoes in hanging containers and they grew like crazy. I thought about trying it, too, but my husband loves growing them the old fashioned way. Maybe I'll shoot for strawberries.

Good luck with the haircut. Is it possible to get the beautician to come to the house?

cornbread hell said...

i hope you do give it a try.

i took mom for a walk to the store for her kleenex the other day. it was all of a block and a half.

it took us an hour to do what could have been a 5 minute errand for me and it flat wore her out, but it was soooo worth the effort.

in part, we were both surprised at how taxing our little excursion was, but more importantly, we were both glad we'd accomplished it.

as outings get more and more difficult, i tend to appreciate them more.

Cinnamin said...

Those look very interesting! I bet my son would love these! We've tried growing strawberries in the yard and ended up with very happy slugs (ICK) who ate them all with out even saying "thank you"!

Any hints on where to find such a "stawberry hanger"? Thanks! :)

rilera said...

Cinnamin, I found these on QVCdotCom. My neighbor found her's at a local nursery. I liked the fact that I could also order the strawberry plants from QVC.

Annie said...

For trying tomatoes, I saw this

I don't know how it compares price wise, but you can go to their outlet (right off 494 in St. Paul) and get it to avoid shipping costs.

Hope your outing worked!

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