Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last night there was nothing on TV that Mom was interested in watching so I put in her Barry Manilow DVD and she loved it. It even distracted her from her constant questions about her slipper and her hair. Today I even was able to get her to take a ride in the car with me! She really enjoyed it. I was able to wheel her down the ramp in the garage and then wheel her back up when we got home. And it didn't kill me. I'm glad that we had the ramp built. It helped that it was 52 degrees here today and sunny. Tonight we are supposed to get snow. Blech.

Hopefully the trip to the beauty salon will go as well tomorrow. And Mom will get her slipper back. It's amazing to me how something will stick in her craw and just continue to repeat like a needle stuck on a vinyl record. I guess that things that are important to her are what keep surfacing in her short-circuited mind. Alzheimer's sucks.

The new St. Anthony Bridge, which is the replacement for the 35W bridge that collapsed last summer, is progressing nicely. MNDot has a great website which shows renderings of the new bridge as well as information, as it becomes available, about the old bridge. I have been reading a magazine article about the collapse in Minnesota Monthly that is quite gripping. Click on the link if you'd like to read it. It's amazing to me that so many survived this tragedy. Many are still trying to get their lives back on track. The photo above was taken a mere few hours after the collapse according to the caption. Amazing


nancy said...

i'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday but glad to hear that your mom did better today which made your day easier! don't you just love the effects of music?!?!

keep that barry playing. i'm now humming "weekend in new england" - that has to be one of my favorites!

(((hugs))) to you

~Betsy said...

That whole bridge collapse blows my mind. It's amazing how fast a new one can be built when necessary.

I hope today is a better day and Lord knows, I hope your mom finds her darn slipper! :)

Cinnamin said...

Oh...Barry! Funny that Nancy was humming after you mentioned him - I've got "Mandy" in my head now!

Robyn, I'm happy with you that you were able to get mom OUT with you!! Please let us know how the hair salon visit goes!

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