Saturday, March 22, 2008

Additional Accumulations

We awoke to more snow this morning, at least another 2 inches. The headline in the news was that both Milwaukee and Madison had set records for the most snow recorded ever in a season; 100 inches. This makes me think back to the winters from a decade ago which were cold and snowy. I would have to say that this has been a typical winter for Minnesota with a mixture of both snow and cold. Even our iPod is in the spirit; I have it on shuffle and it is playing mostly Christmas songs. I went to the grocery store this morning. The roads were mostly wet, no ice or snow except in the neighborhood.

Mom continues to ask me when her hair appointment is and I continue to tell her that it's a week from Monday. I found this interesting string on how to handle the endless questions. She called her friend Edna today and thanked her for the card she had sent. I'm not completely sure that Mom remembers Edna, but that's OK. Edna always sends Mom cards which is so nice and thoughtful.


Annie said...

I'm so glad your Mom's friend still sends her cards. I have told family and her friends that Mom really enjoys getting mail, expecially cards, but nothing. It makes me sad. And rather angry when it comes to the family part.

~Betsy said...

I remember the repeated questions all too well. Some days I could handle them and others felt like someone was dragging their nails along a chalkboard. Hang in there, Robyn. I hope this is one of the better days.

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